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Hey guys! I'm Kaila Cumings, a custom knife maker from New England. I started out doing knife reviews on YouTube and decided that I wanted to start making some of my own. So I sold my gun and knife collection so that I could afford the equipment and taught myself how to grind. I’ve been making knives for the last two years now, and I am constantly striving to be better. Thanks for checking out my website.

Hey guys!
I am a self taught custom knife maker from the backwoods of New Hampshire.  I started off doing knife reviews on my YouTube channel. After  doing reviews for a couple of years I decided  I wanted to try making my own knives instead of reviewing them.  I taught myself how to make them from scratch.  Each knife is hand made  and unique with a little blood, sweat, and   tears all mixed  together.
You can also catch me on Discovery Channels Naked and Afraid and Naked and Afraid XL.

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